5 Reasons Why Not To Want Perfection


It’s often a great challenge to keep these posts short and to the point, yet try to get a particular idea across. Obviously, I enjoy the challenge, and that’s why I continue to write and coach. Today’s tips or post is about perfectionism and the way it can hold you back. This is a huge topic that we could discuss forever, but for today…here’s what I got:

Have you ever wanted to do something perfectly? Have you placed unrealistic expectations on yourself, or have you ever had the all or nothing” mentality bite you in the ass?

Has perfectionism ever kept you from taking a risk, going for your dreams or having what you really want? Instead of always wanting to look perfect, have something go perfectly, or seem like you have it all figured out, think about these thoughts.

5 Reasons why NOT to want perfection 

1. It would be really boring. You would be lame and robotic if you didn’t show your humanness (weaknesses, imperfections, quirkiness, etc.)

2. You’d be un-relatable. You’d have a hard time connecting with others and coaching others on their journeys. I know that I’d always rather be coached by someone who’s willing to show their vulnerabilities.

3. You’d never be able to laugh at yourself. When things go a little weird, or a bit wrong…you can really get a kick out of your mistakes or your situation. I know I do all of the damn time.

4. You wouldn’t learn shit. Honestly, the best way to learn is by finding ways to keep improving from your past. This gives us something to work for and can be an enormous motivator.

5. You wouldn’t be building resiliency. When situations don’t go “perfectly” we can learn to adapt and use our mental strength to persevere. The best way to continue to do this, is to continue to be challenged to overcome.


Continue to fight for IMPROVEMENT. Strive for healthier, fitter, better, stronger, and wiser. But, maybe you can begin to actually love your mistakes. Maybe you can enjoy the idea that you’re perfectly imperfect, and so is your journey towards even greater success.

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