400 Posts & What It Means To Me

Thank you.


Thank you for clicking on the link, following on social media and reading what I have to say. Damn…it’s hard to believe that I had an original goal of reaching 200 posts, and now we are at #400.

If I only reached one person with each post, I would be thrilled. If I can make a tiny impact on someone’s day, then I’ve done what I set out to do. Honestly, I only look at google analytics and site stats maybe once a month. I don’t spend time studying SEO or trying to gain more followers with certain tactics or putting random ads on the site.

I focus on content and I try to write something that can really inspire, change or challenge you.

What matters to me, is that I share thoughts that have helped myself and others. If I could work one-on-one with everyone, that would be my choice. I prefer to make deep connections because I know that’s when the magic happens. The best part of running Mentality WOD has been the relationships with those who I’ve worked with individually. I cherish the interactions that I’ve been able to have with coaching clients.

I wanted to thank each of you who have sent me an email, asked me for advice, or purchased programs or remote coaching. Thank you to the companies, magazines, coaches and podcasts who have supported me.

Thank you for helping me do what I love which is helping you accomplish your fitness, performance and life goals.

This is proof that with consistent effort you can do anything you put your mind to.



I would absolutely love feedback from you today!

1. What do you want to hear more about in future posts?

2. How has mentality WOD helped you?

send a quick email to dawn@mentalitywod.com




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