Mindset Challenge: Move Slowly On Purpose


I like to get shit done, check things off my list, and be as efficient as possible. The reason I like to get things done, is so that I have MORE time. I don’t like wasting time, because I appreciate free time a lot. But, I find that when I’m physically rushing, I’m also mentally flustered because I’m breathing quickly and my thoughts are all over the place. Recently, each time I catch myself moving way faster than I need to, I think “purposefully slow” then challenge myself to be mindful and to slow the hell down.

This post is for the “fast movers”, the people who like to get shit done. This is for those who tend to do most things quickly…even when they’re not in a time-crunch whatsoever. Hopefully I’m not just talking to myself here.

Has anyone ever told you that “you do everything so fast” or “you need to slow down”?

  • Throughout your day, you can implement purposefully slow movement, when you start to feel rushed, in a hurry, anxious or overwhelmed. You actually have to force yourself to move at an uncomfortably slow pace.
    • Maybe you catch yourself rushing down the aisles of the grocery store, when you really don’t need to – Instead, walk VERY slowly and remind yourself not to hurry
    • Maybe you catch yourself putting the dishes away super fast – Instead, move slowly and challenge yourself to keep a very calm and controlled pace
    • Maybe you leave the gym and you’re on a high, you start driving like a maniac and you catch yourself gripping the wheel and stressing out – Instead, move over to the slow lane and drive just under the speed limit with no rush at all, but focus just enjoying the moment


Does this resonate with you? Could you implement this little challenge throughout your day? Do you think it would lower your stress level? Would it help you stay more mindful, engaged, purposeful and present? Do you think if you slowed down outside of the gym, you’d have more energy to push harder and move faster in training?

Hopefully if you can practice these habits, you can really relish the unbelievable tastes, sounds, sights, smells, feelings and connections that are all around you.

Just some thoughts and tips. Each time I do this, it challenges me and keeps me in check, therefore I know it’s helping me.

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