15 Thoughts To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood


When you get in a bad mood, do you let yourself stay there? Are you quick to shake it off, and get back to what’s important? If something happens, that throws you off, you’ll want to learn how to effectively deal with it and get back to going after your goals.

In this post, I’ll give you 15 thoughts that you can use to snap out of your bad mood. These thoughts are helpful when you’re in a “bad mood”, but if you’re really down and struggling with something, then reach out for help as soon as possible. Here is a list of some thoughts that I regularly use to make sure my mindset is as positive, grateful, focused and purposeful as possible.

Use one or more of these thoughts when you’re ready to get out of your funk

1. I am going to die and life doesn’t last very long
2. There is someone right now, with far less enjoying the hell out of life – More here
3. Someone could really use my love, help and support right now
4. I won’t make as big of an impact when I’m down or negative
5. One thing at a time – More here
6. I am capable of great things
7. I have so many talents and blessings to be grateful for – More here
8. I am loved
9. Life’s a lot better when I’m positive and having fun
10. I’ve bounced back before, I can do it again – More here
11. Setbacks help me gain clarity – More here
12. There’s beauty all around me – More here
13. I have choice – More here
14. I’m not alone and can lean on someone
15. Life’s too damn amazing to stay down


Which thoughts do you use to snap out of it? One of these, or something completely different?

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