New Year Reflection Questions


I am a big fan of taking time to reflect and obviously The New Year is a perfect chance to do just that. I work with athletes at different points of the year on reflecting over an event, a season or even a certain workout. The more comfortable you can be with self-reflection, the better. Before we can think about going forward, it’s best to think back and review our “stuff”.

After reflecting on these questions, you’ll have a better perspective about where you are, where you’ve been and therefore can decide where you want to go.

So here are some questions that you can you journal about or think about in reflecting about last year. 

1. What ways this year did I intentionally push myself outside of my comfort zone?

2. What people did I connect deeply with that helped make this year more meaningful?

3. What knowledge did I gain through books, coaching, or classes that helped me become a better version of myself

4. What did I do, or where did I go for the first time this year?

5. In what ways did I contribute, and give back to help others this year?

6. What were my favorite moments this year (in training and in life)?

7. What are some important lessons I learned/re-learned this year *(training and life)?

8. In the last year, what do I have to be particularly grateful for?



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