Move From Uneasy To Calm In No Time


You can learn to be kind to yourself when you’re stressed or anxious. If you’re thinking about something that is bringing about negative feelings and emotions, be quick to identify it. If you don’t want to continue feeling that way, you can get used to changing your thoughts and easing your anxiety instantly.

It takes practice, and you must find what works for you, but you can immediately improve how you feel…if you know how to.

If you’re feeling stressed, negative, anxious or just uneasy you can change your thoughts and your actions.

Just focus on these two areas.

1. Action – What positive thing can I do, to ease these negative feelings right now?

Once you identify something, begin to do it immediately. You might need to try a few things to see what works but begin taking action as soon as you can.

Examples: Taking deep breaths, reading something, talking to someone, moving in a particular way, laying down, smiling, getting hugs

2. Thought – What can I think, or remind myself of, to ease these negative feelings right now?

Identify the thoughts that you know will provide you with some relief and comfort and begin telling yourself those immediately. Continue to use the thoughts that you know will make you feel more positive.

Examples: thinking about certain helpful quotes, thinking about what you can control, thinking about what you’re grateful for, thinking about how you’ve gotten through harder things in the past, reminding yourself of your purpose, reminding yourself to just take the next best step or to break it down

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