2 Tips For Better Communication


If you want to build quality relationships with people, you’ll want them to feel comfortable coming to you for advice or support. As a coach, it’s imperative that you can be trusted and easy to talk to. Remember, someone might be feeling a particular feeling and you might not quite understand how that’s possible. We are all different, and we all experience things with different thoughts and emotions. If someone wants your support, try the tips in this post.

When individuals come to you with a thought, or a feeling…

  •  don’t shut them down. Individuals are feeling, or thinking what they are for a particular reason. If they are reaching out to you for some support, that’s a great thing. We want people to be able to express their natural and real emotions, so telling someone who they “shouldn’t” think or feel something, really negates their feelings. It doesn’t help the situation and can turn people away from sharing thoughts in the future. As an emotional support, we must remember to be loving, and patient so that we can have open and honest relationships. Stay away from “you shouldn’t feel like that,” and “don’t think that way!”


  • respond with questions to dig deeper and allow that person to be even more vulnerable. Responding with a question (who, what, where, when, why) will help people analyze how they are feeling and make them feel comfortable expressing themselves. Plus, it helps to delve deeper into the situation and which will make their feelings more clear, which is a win-win for both individuals. Try, “how does that make you feel,” or “what situations cause that?”

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