When Being Defiant Can Actually Help

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Some people, like myself, prefer not to FIGHT emotions like fear, anxiety or stress. I typically choose to embrace what I’m feeling, figure out why, and then be okay with it. Then, I focus on controlling what I can to keep those emotions from taking over. I try to put a positive spin on whatever is going on, and keep myself as chill as possible.


But, there might be another mentality that can also help.

  • Take a defiant stand towards your fears, nerves and anxieties. Decide that those emotions aren’t going to push you around anymore, or keep you from doing something you want to. Try something like, “I don’t care if I act nervous, throw up, or freak out, I am going to go through with this…I’m not avoiding it any longer.”

The more you stand up to them, the more comfortable you’ll be doing so in the future (read this one for more not that thought). Maybe it will work for you here and there, maybe not. But, try it out. See if you can toughen up to your fears and worries, and get aggressive towards them.


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