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It’s “Guest Post Friday”! On Fridays, I feature thoughts from individuals who have strong input about the mental side of fitness, training and life. I select witty and honest articles, that give you practical tips and advice.This post was originally found HERE on CrossFit SoFla’s website.

I was immediately drawn to this post, because the idea is simple, but it’s also not something we typically practice. You’ll see what I mean once ya get reading. Just imagine going through life in such a thankful, happy state that you simply want to share that with others and spread your contagious positive energy.

Check out this post from Brant Wickersham.


“It seems as if I’m currently living life through a suitcase. In my last post, A Universal Language, I was traveling trough the great country of Canada and now I’m sitting in a log cabin overlooking a scenic lake in the backroads of North Carolina. As I look out onto the lake, I see something extremely unfamiliar in day to day life. Something that is only attainable when you’re experiencing real happiness. As people go by one another riding across the current and the waves, a simple smile and a hand raises up. Why is it that anytime you pass another boat, you smile and wave?

  • I like to call this a boating mindset, a mindset in which you have no worries and others are treated as an equal, not a threat or competition. In the boating mindset, happiness is just something that comes with riding around and enjoying the atmosphere.
  • In addition to people waving and smiling, there is another facet to the boating mindset. Simply put, it is a loss of interest in time and worries. When riding on a boat worries are forgotten and stress is lost. It should be a goal to live a life that encapsulates this no worry thought process.

So my question is, why is this lifestyle only lived out on the water? Why do people not smile and wave when they are just passing you in the streets or when they see you in class?

It’s easy to wave and even easier to smile, so why not do both when you’re out of the water. Be cognizant that a simple wave to someone who may not expect it, can directly affect their day. Chase after a life that will give you a boating mindset, and if you think it’s unattainable with a situation you’re in, try and think of a time that it was possible and make the changes necessary to smile once again. Finishing note, your mindset controls you and if you have less stress you single-handedly encourage your success.”


About The Author: Brant A. Wickersham, writes on his blog and is a student at the University of Florida majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He was an intern with CrossFit SoFla ( this summer in Coral Springs, FL.

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