Think You Don’t Have Enough Of Something?


If you are really struggling with not thinking you have “enough” of something, you may need to shock yourself out of your rut and change your thinking. When you have a more improved outlook, you’ll be better able to handle potential stress. After you’ve improved your perspective, you’ll be more positive, and hopeful about your situation.

If you think you don’t have “enough” of something, try these suggestions

1. Go help someone who has even LESS of it.


2. Go give some of what you DO have away.

Here’s what I mean.



  • Think you don’t have enough money? Stressing about how you need to make more, have more or get more? Go give a dollar or two away to someone on the streets. Go help out at a shelter, or with those who have far less than you. A change of perspective is nearly guaranteed.
  • Think you’re not strong enough? Or aren’t where you want to be with your performances? Go help people who are disabled, elderly, or incapable of doing what you CAN. Spend your time coaching, or helping them with simple tasks or drills.

There are hundreds of examples, and lots of ways you can give more, to help others.

What are you struggling with right now, and how could you improve your perspective?



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