What You Can Simplify

bdaa8bd27a6979126c4b77a292529478Can you get rid of more that is “unnecessary”, so that you can focus better on what really matters? 

There are a great number of benefits from simplifying and minimizing. We can lessen our stress and improve the quality of our lives by getting rid of the excess.

4 Things you may be able to reduce to live more simply, joyfully, and fully

1. Your Language – Try not to chatter or gossip and aim to speak with fewer words. Eliminate negative talk to yourself and about others. Talk purposefully, honestly and positively.

2. Your Possessions – Remove the “extra” from your life and continuously de-clutter your space and aim to live with less stuff. *Wednesday’s post will cover more details about this. Regularly trash and donate.

3. Your Tech Time – Reduce your time behind a screen and spend far less time being connected to everyone and everything, all of the time on the internet. Regularly disconnect.

4. Your Commitments – Lessen the load of your busy schedule whenever you can. Commit to less, and open up your schedule for more spontaneity and fewer demands. Reduce your business.


Free yourself up by removing the excess in your life. Continue to look for ways to simplify and you’ll continue to feel more at ease, and more full of purpose and energy. The less “stressed”, “busy”, “bogged down”, or “unsatisfied” you are, the better you’ll be at doing whatever you want to do.


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