How To Deal With a Pounding Heart, Sweaty Palms & Jitters


Let me guess, you don’t like feeling fearful or anxious? You probably don’t enjoy all of the physical symptoms that come along with worry, doubt, nervousness or even excitement. Have you ever wished that your face didn’t get red, your palms didn’t sweat, your heart didn’t race, or that you didn’t have the jitters?

Do you believe either of these two statements to be true?

1. Confident people don’t experience these symptoms.

2. I have to stop having these symptoms before I can be great at what I’m doing.

If so, you’re likely limiting yourself by having those perceptions

Thoughts & Tips

  • Everyone experiences symptoms similar to you. These physical signs are very common, and even the most confident people feel them. You gain confidence by continuing to put yourself out there and go for it, regardless of your fears.
  • You can’t wait to stop feeling these signs, or assume that one day you won’t have them. It’s better to understand them, embrace them, and learn how to use them to help you.
  • Try thinking about how beautiful it is that our body sends us signs. I think it’s an amazing gift that we are able to feel these different sensations that will help keep us on our toes. Acknowledge and love that you have a healthy system that allows you to feel! 

The more okay and comfortable you are feeling these symptoms, the less power you give them. 

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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With a Pounding Heart, Sweaty Palms & Jitters

  • Alison Phillips

    Anxiety is one of those things we all feel like nobody understands but us as we suffer through it… it does feel nice to know we aren’t alone, because that panicked feeling seeps into every aspect of life. It feels like having an elephant sit on your chest, and a riot of emotions all over the place. Understanding what it is, what causes it and knowing others are out there are an immense help.