Competition Prep| 5 Things To Be Ready For #5


There are a few things that happen at competitions that mess athletes up. It’s important that you can prepare for different variables and situations, so that you aren’t annoyed or flustered when they happen. In order to perform your best, you need to stay in your zone, and focus on working your ass off. You want to stay calm and confident so that you can focus on your game.

I’m going to detail 5 things that will likely happen at an event. Learn how to combat them with a strong mental plan.

Make sure that you’ve read #1, #2, #3 & #4 first!

#5 The equipment will be different. Mostly likely there will be some new or different equipment at the competition site. Maybe it’s a thicker pull-up bar than you’re used to. Maybe the event coordinators are going to reveal a brand new Rogue sled or sandbag. You might have to compete on rig that’s been in the sun all day, or use a wall ball that’s soaked from the rain. The point is, there is probably going to be some sort of equipment that you’re not fully used to training with.  Are you going to bitch and complain? Are you going to let it get the best of you?

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Have a game plan, and know how you’re going to deal with this situation, if it arises.


  •  Practice training with different equipment in different environments. I can’t stress this enough. Part of building mental strength (as detailed in the eBook) is getting yourself to try new things. Practice with different barbells, with odd objects, and in unusual training conditions. 
  • Talk with your coaches and training partners about strategy. Try to get some warm-up reps in with the equipment and find the best way that you can to use it. If you know someone who is more used to the gear than you are, ask for their knowledge.
  • Visualize how you will respond to being exposed to new, different or challenging equipment. Know what you will say to yourself (thoughts), and how you will act to stay calm and confident.

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