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There are a few things that regularly throw athletes off at competitions. It’s important that you can prepare for different variables and situations, so that you aren’t annoyed or flustered when they happen. In order to perform your best, you need to stay in your zone, and focus on working your ass off. You want to stay calm and confident, so that you can play your game.

I’m going to detail 5 things that will likely happen at an event. Learn how to combat them with a strong mental plan.

Make sure that you’ve read #1, #2 & #3

#4 You’ll surprise yourself. It’s likely that the competitive environment will impact the way you move. At some point during the competition you’ll do more than you thought you were capable of doing. At another point, you may falter or stumble more than you expected to. Weird things happen at competitions, and CrossFit Events are always programmed to challenge you. It’s important to have goals, but not to get caught up in too many expectations or too much pressure. Understand that you might practice something a million times, but still mess up at a competition. You also might have never done a certain weight or tried a particular movement, but, on competition day, you nail it. Are you going to let these surprises throw you off, or are you going to stay focused on your performance?

Game Plan LogoTIPS

  • Remind yourself that you enter competition because you want to be challenged so that you can see what you’re capable of. Small errors don’t define you, it’s more important how you respond to setbacks and challenges. 
  • After each event, take a few minutes to review your workout, think about any “learning lessons” and jot them down. Talk with a coach about your takeaways from that event (whether it went how you wanted it to or not, and why).
  • Visualize, and plan for success in each workout, but know that the athlete who is able to adapt the quickest is often the one who comes out on top (read more about this HERE).
  • Understand that your emotions may be heighten at an event, and practice staying calm when you’re not competing, and getting psyched up when it’s go-time.  *search tag “emotional-control” on right sidebar

If you are aware that not every workout, or event will go exactly like you want, then you’ll be more ready to adapt if you surprise yourself at a competition. 

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