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There are a few things that regularly throw athletes off at competitions. It’s important that you can prepare for different variables and situations, so that you aren’t annoyed or flustered when they happen. In order to perform your best, you need to stay in your zone, and focus on working your ass off. You want to stay calm and confident, so that you can play your game.

I’m going to detail 5 things that will likely happen at an event. Learn how to combat them with a strong mental plan.

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#3 Heats, timing and scheduling will vary and change. If you are competing in a CrossFit Event, it’s important to get comfortable with the unknown. You will not have complete control over the schedule, and therefore you must know how to adapt when there are changes in the heats. Expect that you’ll have “more time than you thought” between some events, and “less time than you thought” between others. Do not get caught up “assuming” or “expecting” certain breaks or a particular order of heats. Are you going to be thrown off when there are last-minute changes? Or, will you be calm and cool and able to deal with anything?

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  • Seek clarity. Make sure that you ask “head judges” or event coordinators to give you as much information as possible. Realize that this information may not be 100% accurate, and it may change, but try to stay up to date with where you need to be when by asking questions. 
  • Understand that you can’t control the event schedule, and bring your attention to factors that you can control.
  • Work with your coaches throughout the year on giving you a variety of different challenges when you least expect them. A great coach will throw surprises into your training so that you have to be “ready” to adapt.
  • Practice how you want to respond. Make sure that you know how to stay calm and relaxed, and practice a very quick mental and physical prep, so that you can feel ready at the drop of a hat.


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