Competition Prep: 5 Things To Be Ready For| #2


There are a few things that regularly throw athletes off at competitions. It’s important that you can prepare for different variables and situations, so that you aren’t annoyed or flustered when they happen. In order to perform your best, you need to stay in your zone, and focus on working your ass off. You want to stay calm and confident, so that you can play your game.

I’m going to detail 5 things that will likely happen at an event. Learn how to combat them with a strong mental plan.

First, make sure that you’ve read #1 here.

#2 There will be inconsistencies in the judging. You must understand that there will be errors made, calls missed, and \ variations in how movements are judged. Humans make mistakes, especially in high-pressure situations, and you have to expect that there will be inconsistencies so that you know how to handle them. Are you going to let it throw you off and ruin your performance? Or, do you want to use it as fuel, and make sure that you’re not flustered at all after a bad call?

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  • First off all, this is not something you have ANY control over. Never give more attention to the things that you can’t control, than to the ones you can control.
  • You want to practice getting very comfortable with “being judged” in your training. Have training partners and coaches judge you, and actually ask them to be very strict with you.
  • Visualize, and rehearse how you will respond to a “no-rep” or to a “controversy” with judging. Know how you want to physically respond, and how you want to mentally respond. Actually imagine what you plan to do with your body language, your words, and your thoughts. Make sure you have a plan, so that you are able to stay focused if a judging issue arises in competition. 

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