Mindset Challenge: Thank 10


Being thankful feels good. It’s great for us to show our gratitude towards others and towards our situation and environment. The act of giving thanks can have tremendous positive impacts on your well-being. Plus, I think we are all too damn caught up in ourselves, and it’s great to practice thinking about others, and putting your attention on the great things happening around you.

You may find it hard to show your appreciation and to feel grateful at times…we all will, but, we must continue to challenge ourselves to find better ways to perceive and interpret this crazy life.

If you want to be your best, try this challenge today (and any or every other day if you’d like):

  • Take time to thank 10 people today. Go beyond “thank you” and after you say that, tell the person WHY you are thanking them. These people could be people who take care of you and others like a firefighter, waitress, or custodian. These people could be your best friends, coaches, or even someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Challenge yourself to thank people around you and in your life. Let them know what you’re thankful for and how much it means to you. If it’s uncomfortable at first, it will get better. Hell, practice on some strangers and just see what happens.

Let me know how you do by connecting with me on Twitter or commenting below.


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