A Way To Help Athletes Get In The Zone


Coaching Tip: Occasionally, I will post tips specifically for the coaches out there. If you’re not a coach, you will still be able to use them to improve as an athlete, teammate or training partner.

Do you want to help your athletes get in the zone, be on a roll, or feel like they are unstoppable? I hope so.

You know what’s crazy… athletes are “in the zone” when they believe they are “in the zone”. So, as a coach can help your athletes believe that, and therefore your athletes will move better, quicker, and with more perseverance when they might normally stop.

Here’s a way you can do that

  • Simply tell your athletes, “you’re in the zone now, you’re moving smooth and steady” or “damn, now you’re on a roll, you are looking unstoppable” or “there you go, you’ve picked up steam and are cruising now, just keep it going”

Coaching, and encouraging your athletes with those types of statements, will really help them. Often times, athletes will start to tell themselves, whatever they hear their trusted coaches tell them. So, your athletes will hear what you’re saying, repeat it in their own heads, and they’ll begin to pick up momentum and feel “in the zone.”

Try it out! If you can use these lines sporadically and at just the right time, you can make a big difference!

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4 thoughts on “A Way To Help Athletes Get In The Zone

  • Lee ying

    I’m not a coach but I am an athlete, I do this to myself before working out and it always works. I’m sure it helps your clients as well.

  • Martin

    Thanks for this article. I totally agree that by telling someone or saying to yourself encouraging words and by thinking good thoughts over time you will unconsciously start thinking like that and you will have more energy, and drive to push forward. I think this tip apllies to everyone who wants to achieve something.

  • Mentality WOD Post author

    Thanks for the comments you guys. I agree that we often perform better when we hear encouraging words, and when we tell ourselves that we are “feelin good” and “in the zone”! Keep on reading