Nothin More Important


Sleep is imperative if you want to improve your mindset, performance and health. You can’t be the best version of you if you’re tired, sluggish, dependent on caffeine or other stimulants, unfocused, lethargic, anxious, or stressed. It’s best to average over 8 hours of sleep each night, and this has to be a priority if you want to make positive changes in your training and your life.

Here are 4 tips

1. Track it. For 2 weeks, record how many hours of sleep you get each morning and track it on a calendar or in a note pad. Here’s more

2. Commit to a schedule. Get yourself to bed within :30 minutes of the same time each night, and get out of bed within :30 minutes of the same time each morning. You may even need to set an alert.

3. Create a bedtime routine. Within an hour of when you want to be asleep, try doing the same things each night. Get ready then put your electronics away (seriously, turn your phone on silent, flip it over or put that shit in a drawer), read, mediate pray, snuggle or listen to music. Try this and this

4. Darken your room! Use darkening curtains and get all lights and electronics off or out of your view.

If you don’t feel like you’re able to push as hard as you’d like, or if you’re struggling to stay motivated, focused or consistent, then take a look at your sleep habits and focus on improving them with these tips. There is nothin’ more important than getting quality rest.

Comment below with what works for you.


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5 thoughts on “Nothin More Important

  • Ron White

    Starting to fins that a good 20 minutes of reading really makes the eyes heavy. Then I lay there and think about all the positives in my life. Start counting backward from 100 and I’m out.

  • Ann

    I’d also recommend drinking a glass of warm milk with butter before going to bed. It works great for me and I sleep really tight 🙂

  • Marcelle

    What about shift workers? I can’t go to bed at the same time every night, as some nights I’m working. Same goes for a schedule; when I get home after a night shift I want to go to bed immediately.
    Any tips for us? 🙂

  • ffmentalitywod

    Marcelle, I would still recommend making habits before bed (regardless of when that is) so that you can get your mind prepared to rest and put yourself in a routine as much as possible. I guess what I am saying is make as much consistent as possible especially with mental routines