3 Very Strong Words


You want to know what I think are three very powerful words?

I can choose. 

If you’re working on staying more positive, and being more confident, then this post is for you. If you often feel frustrated, annoyed, down, pissed or upset, then it’s important to remember these three words.

  • Practice saying “I can choose _____”
    • I can choose what affects me
    • I can choose to go forward with a smile
    • I can choose to relax and stay calm
    • I can choose to have healthy, proactive responses
    • I can choose to be confident
    • I can choose to feel happy and loved
    • I can choose to learn from my mistakes

I can choose

*You may even benefit from putting a sticky note, or something that you can see often that says “I can choose”.

Whenever you feel negative thoughts or emotions coming on, you can remember that it doesn’t have to be that way. What happens to you and around you, doesn’t have to control you. You can choose.