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Welcome to “Guest Post Friday”! I will be featuring posts from individuals who have solid input about the mental side of fitness, training, and life. I tend to gravitate towards witty and honest posts, that actually give you tips to help you improve. This post is from one of the amazing athletes who I have been working with since last summer. She tells an amazing story about the competition she was in last weekend. Andi is off to Regionals in Canada East, and I could not be more proud of her and excited for her.

Check out the post below written by Andi Sadowski

“I did one of the CompWOD Competitions this weekend. It was a tag team, so two girls on a team. I asked someone who I knew through local comps and our Crossfit community. We connected a while ago and decided to stay in touch since we both followed Invictus Programming. I asked her to do this competition with me, but we have NEVER trained together before. We literally met the morning of the competition. We have been talking for about 2 months prior but actually never met. We connected instantly and began talking about the workouts and our strengths and weakness who would be doing what. I told her I just wanted to have fun for the day and do what we could anything was possible.


I was so surprised on how well we clicked and worked together throughout the workouts! It was truly amazing. We were 4th place for the first 3 workouts and the 4th workout we shined we pulled up to 2nd place! The final WOD was honestly the craziest, most fun day I have ever experienced. We were going against two teams who train together day in and day out!  But my teammate and I just connected, had fun and didn’t stress.

I will never forget that moment when I got to the ropes. I had to perform two rope “legless” climbs. It was a chipper workout so we were going back and forth throughout the movements. We were neck and neck with this one team. One partner had to air dyne 40 cals, then right after row a 500m. I got off the air dyne thinking we could switch partners and everyone said “no get back on” (because apparently we couldn’t make a switch)…I knew that the other girls may pull ahead, I put my head down and fought hard, for myself and Ashley!

I didn’t show any body language about how annoyed I was at that moment. I knew nothing was over yet.  Ashley had to row 500m while I waited at the ropes. I felt confident I could do one fine, but two was scary! The other team finished and  started up the rope. I didn’t panic.. I stood there breathing eyeing the rope and told myself your ready you got this fight to the top!

As soon as Ashley was done off I went up successful hit the red tape thankfully we were allowed to use our legs to come back down. I was tired, trying to breathe, be composed and I had to do this second rope climb sooner than I wanted to. I didn’t look to my left to see who was up or down the rope. My judge and Ashley were yelling at me saying go now we can win…. I seriously blanked out and took a breath I jumped up.


My arms were so tired from everything else we just did (hs walk, mu, dead lifts, dumbbell ground to overhead and air dyne). I didn’t want to let anyone down. I think I got maybe a foot away from the top I was like “oh jeez am I really going to make this?”. We were allowed to pause if needed so I was squeezing the rope in between my legs (which resulted in a serious burn). I didn’t look down I thought I’d fall, so I did one last huge kip to get up to hit that red tape, wrapped my legs and literally came sliding down crashing on the padding below.

Instantly Ashley jumped on me and yelled “we f*king did it! We beat them”!!!  I was so tired and exhausted, it was the best most amazing experience I have ever felt. Going into the day just meeting Ashley for the first time, and winning on the last rope climb within seconds….it was such a surreal experience.

Once again you are to thank. This mental training has seriously helped beyond measures. Today was the first time I felt like I belonged battling among those top elite athletes. The whole day I kept telling myself they may be stronger, they may have better gymnastics but they are not mentally stronger. When they stop, I won’t. I will keep moving, keep fighting, keep battling, one rep at a time. Nothing has felt more rewarding! I truly feel that I’m ready for Regionals. Once again, I know other girls may be stronger and look better than me on “paper” but what they don’t know is that I have worked to train my mind and that will hopefully take me to the top. I know what I can control and what I can’t. Outside factors will not fluster me or bother me. I’m ready to fight and battle and see what I’m capable of at Regionals.

CAN-EAST-ANDI3About The Author: Andi Sadowski is a CrossFitter and a Coach at CrossFit Kitchener and she is preparing to compete at The Canada East Regional. I have had the pleasure of coaching her since last summer and she has been flourishing this season. She puts in the work mentally and physically and has what it takes to stay calm, confident and focused when it matters the most. I love watching her grow, compete, learn and evolve.

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