Have Your Habits Gone From Healthy To Harmful?


Be very careful about the “fitspo” or “fitspiration” messages you see and read, and know how they impact you.

How do you they impact me? The only way they impact me is that I try to suggest the complete opposite of what a lot these images do. I aim to give thoughtful, real-life examples, tips and pictures to my readers who are more concerned with improving performance and living a truly meaningful life.

That being said, take a few minutes to look at your habits related to motivation, commitment and “toughness”.

  • Would you consider your dedication healthy, helpful, balanced, sustainable, admirable and restorative?
  • Do you sleep under 8 hours a night, and believe that rest is for the lazy and undedicated?
  • Do you praise those who work and train long and hard even when they are sick, tired or stressed out?
  • Are you always talking about “the grind” and what sacrifices you make to “out hustle” everyone else?

If you often feel anxious and like you can’t keep up, you’re in over your head, you have to do more, or that everything is moving too fast…you may be in a very unhealthy pattern of “obsessiveness”. I’m not saying that everyone who trains hard in CrossFit is like this. I am not suggesting that everyone who is extremely focused on their career is like this either. I am just hoping that you can understand that more is not always better.

True, healthy dedication is taking the time to make sure you’re resting, restoring, rejuvenating, recovering, staying balanced, and knowing when you need to take a break or give more attention to other important areas or people in your life.


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