Work Hard, Rest Hard – DOs & DON’Ts


The point of taking breaks, or resting, is to prepare yourself to be able to go again. During rest, you want to become calm and relaxed so that you can go hard again. There are points during WODs and in between WODs, where you’ll be presented with breaks. You want to make sure that you’re using those breaks to your advantage so that you can go hard when it’s time to get your ass moving.

When you have moments to break in a WOD (between lifts, between rounds, or between workouts)…


  • pace around – look everywhere – move a lot – fidget – let yourself think negative thoughts – breathe erratically


  • take deep, slow breaths – sit down if you can – be very still – close your eyes or focus on a specific (non-moving) point – relax your muscles – think positive, calming thoughts

Your goal during rest is to waste as little energy as possible both mentally and physically. Practice this often so that you’re comfortable with it when it really matters in competition.


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