Ask Coach: “What Should I Include In My Training Log?”


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Question: I’ve never recoreded my WODs before, what should I include in my training log?

My Quick Answer: There is no right or wrong way to do it! I suggest that you take some pre-workout notes and post-workout notes for at least 30 days, to see what you can learn about yourself. If you’ve never done it, keep it simple and stick to the basics.

Very Minimal:  the date, what you did, and (possibly) bullet points on how you felt.

Some More Info: the date, where you were, what you did, how your energy and mood were before the WOD, a couple of positive points from the workout, a couple of things you’d like to improve on from the workout.

Lots of Info: Some people just love information and prefer to take very detailed notes. Here’s a list of info you could add – time of training, what you did, results, rate of effort during training, highlight of training session, any muscle soreness or pain, nutrition (pre/post workout), quality of sleep the night before training, energy levels before and after training, level of stress, level of confidence, level of motivation, any negative thoughts.

I typically suggest something like the middle option, as it’s important to get used to tuning into how you feel before the workout, as well as after it. I like to help athletes assess their physical and mental condition, so that they have a better understanding that it’s all connected.

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