How Meditating Can Help You

man-meditating.jpg?w=614To be your best, you must be able to calm your mind and control your emotions. When you begin to feel pressure or stress, you have to come back to simple, positive thoughts and controlled breathing.

If you want to be able to become calm and centered in pressure situations (like important events or WODs), you have to practice in non-pressure situations first. Meditation is an extremely helpful practice. Quieting the mind, being still, and focusing on the present, is helpful for all of us. The best thing is, you can meditate anywhere.

If you have never tried it, or it’s been a while, take the time this week and give it a whirl.

  • See if there are any meditation classes in your area and attend one
  • Check out some guided meditations on YouTube, DVDs, apps, etc.

The more you practice, the easier it will be to become calm and cool when you really need to.

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