You Want To Be More Confident?

stock-footage-swimmer-portrait-professional-athlete-is-a-confident-winnerYou want to improve your confidence. You know that the best athletes have incredible self-confidence so you want it too. You want to know how you can be more self-assured, so that you can hit your goals. Right? One of the most common topics that people ask me about, and email me about, is “confidence”. I’m always glad to hear that athletes want to improve their confidence, but instead of offering tips and strategies, I fire back with a few questions of my own. To improve your confidence, be more specific. Answer these questions

  • What do you want to be more confident at?
  • When do you want to feel more confident?
  • With who do you want to be more confident?
  • Why do you even want to be more confident?

The more clear you are, the better. Answering these questions, helps you to focus on your specific goals. Want more? In Section 3 “The Confident Athlete” of The Mental Edge Program, I break down exactly how to become more confident so that you can perform your best.

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