What if your plan doesn’t work out?


If you’re headed into a WOD, it would be smart to have a game plan. If you’re headed into an important meeting, conversation, or event, you want to have specific intentions. I normally play out an upcoming situation in my head before it happens. I go over how I’d like it to happen, thinking about what I need to do to make sure it happens smoothly. I hope you do the same.

So, I highly suggest you make a plan and think about how you want to attack a WOD (or anything you care about).  But, what if it doesn’t go how you’d like it to? Do you freak out? Give up? Get frustrated?

  • Realize that Plan A might be your “ideal scenario”, but it might not always happen because of uncontrollable factors. You will be okay.
  • Be quick to adapt. Keep pressing on even though it’s not happening how you originally imagined. You still want to give it your best effort.

Planning can only bring you so far, so embrace the curveballs and keep on keeping on. You want to have a damn solid plan and you also want to be able to adapt and put it all out there.


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3 thoughts on “What if your plan doesn’t work out?

  • kellyahaas

    Dawn I love your blog! I started following just over a month ago and I look forward to your great guest posts and words of wisdom. I started CrossFitting about 7 months ago and I love it! I’m looking forward to trying out the CrossFit Games workouts soon and reading your posts to help get me through. Have a great week 🙂

  • Matthew

    I have been doing crossfit for the last 10 years. Having a plan is essential. All too often things don’t work out and one needs to tweak their workout to keep going. Never end on a negative note. If I can;t hit that last set of cleans I throw in air squats. Always keep moving forward. 🙂