Why Accepting The Challenge Isn’t Enough


If you’ve been an athlete for a while, I am sure that at some point, you’ve heard a coach say:

“If you want to be the best, you have to accept the challenge” (or something like that)

In CrossFit, you are regularly faced with challenges. It could be a competition, a Paleo Challenge, or even a particular movement that doesn’t come naturally to you.

If you decide to simply accept a challenge, you might be doing so reluctantly, or even because you think you “should” (I really don’t like that word). The word “acceptance” might get you to understand that the challenge is good for you, but it also might not be enough.


  • Next time you approach a challenge (one that you know will help you improve) try saying “I want to be my best, so I am going to embrace this challenge” – It is a much more “bring it on-let’s do this-challenge is going to make me better -I want it badly” type of attitude.

Your demeanor and your outlook will reflect how you phrase things. Doesn’t the word “embrace” make you feel more eager and motivated than the word “accept“?

If you want to perform your best, move beyond just accepting challenges, and start seeking and embracing them.



– Photo Credit to Cynergy CrossFit 

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