Why It’s Good To Leave Margin


Almost everyone these days is just “too damn busy.” I hear the word “busy” all day, every day. It’s the busiest people that can benefit the most from leaving more margin in their schedules.

What do I mean? 

  • I mean put some space between things in your schedule. Leave some blank, empty time in your calendar. Make sure you have extra time between training and appointments. Schedule more space and time between your commitments so that you don’t burn out mentally, physically or emotionally. If you’re regularly saying “I’m too busy,” then you need to remember that you are the one maxing yourself out. Practice leaving yourself some margin.

Why is it important? 

  • Because then you’ll find it easier to be more “present” when you are training or at an important commitment. You’ll have more time to prepare, unwind, and relax. You’ll slow down and be able to appreciate what’s going on around you. You can be more intentional, more creative, and you’ll be more clear-headed and focused.
  • You still may have to hurry at times, but make that an exception, instead of the regular. Give yourself more margin, and you’ll give yourself more mental and physical capacity. Sounds good right?


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