Ask Yourself This Question


Do you want to get better at CrossFit?

Yes, of course. Anyone who reads the tips on this site does. You probably also want to feel awesome, look amazing, and perform like a bad ass at all times. Most of us want to be our best.

That question is easy to answer. That’s not the question that is really going to determine what success you’ll achieve. Your goals and desires are only a small part of it.

Instead, try asking yourself this

  • What pain, suffering, and changes are you willing to endure?

Everyone wants results and for the most part, the good things and feelings we all want are the same. Therefore, how satisfied you are with your workouts (or life) is not determined by what you want, it’s determined by what you’re willing to sustain or give up.

  • If you want something, you have to be ready to embrace and accept the struggle that comes along with getting it. The people who choose to enjoy the uncomfortable are the ones who are always improving.

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