GPF: What To Do When Things Get Rugged


Welcome to GPF, aka “Guest Post Friday”! I will be featuring stories and tips from people in the Fitness Community, who have solid input about the mental side of fitness, training, and life. Enjoy the post.

Running Coach Bobby McGee, Owner of, has a great website with tons of information on how to improve sport performance.  He has some great suggestions for what to do when the going gets tough (in training).  Here’s one

“When things get especially rugged, focus entirely on what you are doing.  For one minute at a time, observe a specific element of your running form:

  • the 90 degree bend in your elbow
  • peppy cadence
  • stacking your shoulders over your hips
  • your proper forward lean from your ankles up
  • refocusing  your gaze 35 feet outTod
  • relaxing your shoulders and dropping your chest.

Focus exquisitely on your form, on exactly what you are doing right this second. As McGee says, Concentrating on your form is the purest form of concentration.” 

– This is an example specifically for running, but it can easily be used for whatever movement you are pushing through. Try it out.

Resource: “A Long Day Outdoors: Mental Conditioning for Ironman Triathlons” from

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