How To Reduce The Pressure


Do you ever get caught up in thinking that the result of your WOD is a direct reflection of your identity? Have there been times when you feel way too much pressure entering a competitive situation? Do you ever find yourself freaking out before a WOD because you don’t want to lose, or don’t want to not live up to your own, or someone else’s, expectations?

  • If you want to perform your best, you may need to calm your nerves, and reduce the amount of pressure you feel.

Here’s some useful statements to adopt and practice are:

“I CrossFit because I love it, regardless of the results”

“I am really blessed to be good at this, so I am just going to go enjoy it”

“Winning is cool and all, but it’s really isn’t the most important thing”

“My main focus when I train is to do my best, kicking ass is a bonus”

“CrossFit is just one part of my life, I have many more things that are important to me”

These types of statements are very rational and will help you to be calm, centered, focused, and steady in your movement.  If you want to feel more relaxed, and you want to enjoy yourself more, practice your self-talk and give yourself some perspective.


*If you’re a coach, these are some great examples of things you may say to an athlete who is feeling too much pressure, and it’s having a negative impact on their performance.

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