Are You A Spectator Or A Participant?

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As a spectator, it’s simple to blend in, go with the flow and hide. It’s safe.

  • Standing on the sideline is easy and comfortable.
  • Going through the motions, day by day, is also easy and comfortable.

As a participant, you can’t blend in with the crowd and hide. You don’t want to.

  • You work through fear and take the risks. You go for it and put yourself out there.
  • You share your crazy ideas and thoughts.
  • You jump at the opportunity to try something new and to do what most people won’t.

If you feel bored, stuck in a rut, tired, discouraged, or pessimistic…then, today, do something that you haven’t. Do something that you usually wouldn’t. When you see others trying something that you want to, join them. If it looks kind of fun or challenging, jump right in and get off the sideline. When you realize that others are spectating, and that it would be more fun to participate, then go for it.


*The pic above is from Yosemite – I visited the National Park a couple of months ago and hiked up to these beautiful waterfalls…where I found hundreds of people standing around, taking pictures of the stunning scene. Not a single person was in the damn water. I decided that there was a much better way to experience the falls and jumped right in. It was one of the best moments I’ve ever had. I’ve never regretted getting off the sidelines and participating, in any aspect of life.

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