Get Rid Of Your Doubts


Want to get rid of your doubts and worries? Want to finally overcome your fears?

There are two paths

1)  Do everything you can to face them. Accept that you might mess up and that things might not look pretty. Know that it might be tough, but that it will be okay and that the worst-case scenario is not that bad. You will get over it, through it, and you will be so glad you faced it.

2) Don’t do anything. Continue to replay the fear and worry in your mind and it will continue to build it up even more. If you choose not to face your doubts and worries, you will wonder forever.

  • You can either choose to conquer them, or you can continue to let them limit you. But, you must know that whichever option you choose (action or inaction), it will create a pattern. Each time you choose to deal with them, or not deal with them, it will make it more likely that you will pick that path again. Your choices become habits, and therefore define how you approach training and life.

Choose to attack your damn fears. 

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