You & I Are Very Small


It is a big, big world. There are a lot of people wandering around on this earth. You, and I are very small. Our “problems” are even smaller.

Sweating the small stuff is one of the most toxic things you can do. Dwelling on what’s beyond your control has been shown to be a contributing factor to depression. Once you begin focusing on how big your problems are, you’ll lose focus on how great your blessings are. Yes, you must think about how to change and improve any issues you’re having, but you also must remind yourself that most things aren’t that big of a deal.

Here’s something that I do, that I have found works great

  • Each time I step outside (for the most part – I’m sure there are times I forget), I look up at the sky – This might happen 5 or more times a day (first step out of car, house, gym, etc.).
  • I do this, because the sky serves as a reminder of how big the world is.  Looking at the sky, I chill out, and make sure to put my “stress” or “problems” in check. When I look up at the sky, I remind myself that it’s a big, beautiful world…full of billions of others, and that my worries aren’t so big at all.

Try it out, look up as often as you can. Smile at the vast sky and be grateful. If it helps, do it more often. If it doesn’t, find another strategy that helps you feel less bothered and more grounded and grateful.


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