What Can You Learn From Scott Panchik?


If I see a CrossFitter do or say something particularly positive, negative, or share-worthy, I’ll break down the situation, and give you some tips so that you can improve your mental game. I’ll try to attach videos, pictures and articles to the posts, so that you can really learn from these CrossFitters. These posts will be categorized with the tag “learn from the athlete” so that you can reference them anytime.

This video features Games Athlete Scott Panchik and his dominant training and performances during The Open last year

He smashes workouts, has a blast in his training, competes with confidence, pushes his limits, learns from his coaches, and has an amazing attitude towards competition. He plays to win, and simply dominates WODs.

What can you learn from him?

Scott Panchik from Geoff Yaw on Vimeo.

Takeaways From This Video

1. It’s a longer one, but at least listen to him from 13:05 on…he talks about how he gets fired up, motivated, and how he stays driven.

2. One of the best ways to get pumped is to remind yourself of a time when you couldn’t do something. Maybe you were hurt, injured or had other priorities.

3. Another great tip is to remind yourself how blessed, grateful and lucky you are to train your ass off and show yourself (and others) what you’re capable of.

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