Trouble Staying Positive? Trouble Falling Asleep?


If you feel like you’re in a funk, or if you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, this one is also for you. Today’s suggestions will help you with both of these problems.

Thinking positively may be the best thing in the world for your performance and health. Optimistic thinkers are always trying to find the best in every situation. You can learn to be more positive by focusing on the good stuff and by consistently improving your perspective and outlook.

Many people have trouble falling asleep because they are worrying and stressing. At the end of the day, it’s important to unwind, reflect and relax. You can actually create better thinking patterns by practicing being more positive. The more often you focus on the good stuff, the less time you’ll spend focusing on doubt, worry, fear, and all the negative.

When you lay down to get some rest…

  • Write down a few highlights from your day. Write down at least 3 great things about your day.

Or, try this

  • Pick your favorite half hour of the day. If you could replay only one, 30 minute segment over again, which would it be? Go through your day, hour by hour, and decide on which half an hour was the best part of your day. Visualize those 30 minutes, and identify why they were so great, special, important, positive, joyful and memorable. * this is what I do most nights and it almost always causes me to fall asleep mid-thought

These tips will help you to be more optimistic. They’ll remind you to find the good and help you to search for the positive in your day. They’ll help you end your day on a positive note and remind you to be grateful for all the “good” in your life. Try them out. Create the habit of positive thinking.


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