Feeling Discouraged?


If you’re currently feeling discouraged, you may need to reassess your goals. If you feel like you haven’t been improving recently, you may need to focus on just one goal.  In CrossFit, there are so many movements and WODs, and most of us want to improve across the board. We all get distracted, and sometimes we get caught up by trying to do too much at once. This may cause you to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, even though you’re working your ass off.

  • If you’re feeling discouraged, try to narrow your focus down to just one specific goal. Work on the small steps that you need to in order to reach it. When you accomplish that goal, your confidence will go up and you’ll feel pumped about it.

For more on how to set and reach goals, check out The Mental Edge Program – which I recommend for every CrossFit Athlete, beginner to advanced.

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