GPF: For All The Moms Out There

Welcome to “Guest Post Friday”! I will be featuring stories and tips from people in the CrossFit Community who have solid input about the mental side of fitness, training and life. Enjoy the post.


Thank God I Have CrossFit

As a stay at home Mom, thank God I have CrossFit. A girl can forget her worth amidst spit up, breast-feeding and dirty diapers. That’s who I am at home at least. At the box, I’m a tough Mother doing pull ups, cleans and kettlebell swings. I set goals, I track times and I try to beat my numbers. I will the clock to stop. I will myself to go. Satisfaction is the only thing left on the mat as I walk out to resume my other role.  But I never forget who I am at the box. And that makes me a better Mom.

2 tips
  • Take care of yourself – first! Eat your lunch before your kids, pack a cooler not just for your kids, but yourself when going on outings. No excuses! If you’re not taken care of, your family isn’t either!
  • When tempted to eat or skip the gym, get up and do 25 push ups first. You’ll more than likely change your mind and hit the gym rather than eat or forgo a WOD.

Quick Bio: Courtney Wise – Wife, Mom, CrossFit athlete. Nutrition nut. Paleo proud. Long pixie rocker. Happy with a cup of coffee and book. Always searching for the next thing. Ex-tv anchor/reporter. SoCal CrossFit Regionals Reporter 2013. In rehab. Low back issue. Follow my blog to mark my progress, mom CrossFit tips and paleo recipes.

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