Watch This Ridiculous Comeback Vid

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This is one of my favorite videos ever. I seriously get goosebumps every damn time that I watch it.

This athlete shows perseverance, strength, confidence, and a ridiculous ability to overcome. When most others would have stopped, she decided to kick it up another level.


What can you learn from Heather Dorniden, and how she runs this race?

What would you do in this situation?

What have you given up on because you didn’t think there is a chance?

Did you notice how quickly she got up after falling?

Did you see how hard she went in order to recover from the accident?

Could you tell how determined she was to finish and win?

  • Remember that you decide IF it’s too late. You decide WHEN it’s too late. You can also decide that it’s NEVER too late. You can choose to push on, regardless of any hurdles or setbacks.

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