How To Move Beyond The Negative


In order to overcome negative scenarios and emotions, you have to face them. If you want pain, stress, anger or resentment to go away, you have to deal with those feelings.

To move on and to be your best in CrossFit and in life, you’ll want to keep releasing your mental or emotional baggage. Meaning, we all have to face people and situations that don’t make us feel great. If we keep shoving the negative feelings down, and choose not to acknowledge them, they begin to weigh on us.

If you keep it in and let it build up, it can

  • eat away at your energy
  • take away from your ability to be the best athlete you can be
  • keep you from being the most passionate, caring coach you can be
  • pull away from your ability to love, influence, and teach others

Here are some ways you can “get it off your chest”

1. Get it out – cry, scream…release it

2. Talk it out with your support team (significant other, friends, family, training partners)

3. Share it with a professional coach or therapist

4. Pray and meditate about it

5. Write it out in a journal

What do I suggest you do? Do any or all of these things whenever you feel a negative emotion taking over. The more you can release it, the better. Plus, then you can put all of your energy and focus into the good stuff you have goin on.


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