Learn From Matt Hathcock’s Mindset

HathcockIf I see a CrossFitter do or say something positive, negative, or share-worthy, I’ll break down the situation and give you some tips so that you can improve your mental game. I’ll try to attach videos, pictures and articles to the posts, so that you can really learn from these CrossFitters. These posts will be categorized with the tag “learn from the athlete” so that you can reference them anytime.

Check out the video below featuring Games Athlete Matt Hathcock, especially from 2:30 – finish

  • Matt talks about self-doubt, confidence, the struggle of not meeting your expectations and he is a great example of how hard you need to work to get to The Games. Year after year he continued to train and push until he secured his spot in 2013.
  • He speaks about getting outside and mixing up his training to avoid burn-out and to continue to challenge himself in new, fresh ways.
  • Matt has perseverance, mental strength and a positive outlook that will keep him at the top.

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