GPF: Don’t Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You

Welcome to “Guest Post Friday”! I will be featuring stories and tips from people in the CrossFit Community who have solid input about the mental side of fitness, training and life. Enjoy the post.

Don’t Let It Bottle Up!

If you are the athlete who doesn’t openly express their feelings, read this post. Suppressing intense feelings can carry a heavy emotional toll. The negative thoughts pile up inside your mind but are never released. Eventually you may reach a breaking point, and it may occur in the middle of a tough WOD or strength session. Don’t let that happen!

Something getting you down?

  • Think back and determine the emotion (angry, sad, disappointed, confused etc.), identify the cause and an approach to fixing the issue.
  • Let someone know and ask for his or her advice. It helps to talk out even simple issues
    • Talk to a coach if it is something in the gym, or if you feel really comfortable talk to them about things outside the gym that are affecting you inside.

Quick Bio: Anna Luber, currently a senior at Villanova University but I am originally from northern Kentucky. Growing up I was a gymnast until high school when I started to row, rowing took me out east to Villanova. However, now I am hooked on CrossFit; it’s not just about the physical but the mental training combination that keeps me coming back for more.

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