Learn From The Athletes: Games Rookies

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Damn, there are a lot of great moments and quotes from this video. If you love CrossFit, and you can find 18 minutes…watch it. If you don’t want to take that much time, start the video at 14 minutes, so you can catch this amazing converstion between 3 athletes at the CrossFit Games.

A few takeaways from this video

  • Every athlete that competes has to deal with setbacks and letdowns. You have to decide how you want to attack them and how you want to act after them.
  • Margaux Alvarez drops some great mental training advice to Natalie McLain who is struggling after her performance. Listen to her, she has it right.
  • Wes Piatt also says this amazing quote in this video – “As long as I’m picking up the barbell when I don’t want to pick up the barbell, I’m running when I want to walk, I’m gonna be happy, no matter where I end up—if that’s last place or if that’s on the podium, doesn’t matter.”
  • Remember, it’s about pushing your limits, giving it everything you have, and always fighting for that one damn rep.

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