Impatient? Your Performance Will Suffer


If you want to be more calm and less stressed, you have to practice patience. You have to keep yourself from getting annoyed, bitter, angry or upset when things aren’t going how you want them to.

Imagine that you’re about to start a WOD, but someone is in the bathroom, so the coach delays the start time a couple of minutes. Would you get bothered?

Imagine that you’re listening to a training partner who seems to be rambling on, trying to explain something that seems so simple. Would you become agitated?

  • Think about how you feel (mentally and physically) when you are losing your patience. Are you physically tense or at ease? Is your mind steady or agitated? There really isn’t anything positive that comes from being impatient.

When things aren’t going our way, or are taking longer than expected, we tend to think that something “external” is causing our impatience.

  1. To have better patience, recognize that impatience is an internal response. It’s your choice how you respond to whatever crazy circumstance you’re facing.
  2. When you begin to feel impatient, stop yourself and remember that you can choose to stay relaxed, calm and chill because you will perform better if you can do that. Plus, it makes life a hell of a lot easier.

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