Become Incredibly Confident


Confidence is a choice. You can act shy and timid or you can act “in control” and confident. People who appear confident are simply used to portraying confident behaviors. If you work on your body language and how you speak and engage, your confidence will improve.

If you want to be more poised in the gym, you have to begin to act like you’re sure of yourself and ready for anything.

If you want to be more confident heading into a competition, you have to begin practicing confident speaking and confident body language.

Here are 3 tips to help you exude more confidence through how you speak

1. Speak slowly – Take your time when you speak, take pauses and be relaxed when you speak

2. Pause before you speak – Be comfortable with silence, instead of chattering at every free moment. Reflect before you answer.

3. Say you don’t know – You must be comfortable saying “I don’t know yet” when you don’t know the answer. Confident individuals recognize that they can’t possibly know everything and they are willing to say it.


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