Stretch Yourself Each Day

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Phew! I just passed 200 tips (m-f each week) on! This was my original goal when I started the website. I wanted to give advice and coaching that was quick, effective and to the point. I didn’t know exactly how it would all play out, but I knew that I could help you perform, live and feel better…so I started writing.

Each day I sit down to write and go over my notes and ideas for posts. Some days, it’s super quick and easy as I have plenty of ideas and information to pull from. Other days, I struggle to make a clear point and to put my thoughts together. Sometimes, it takes me 10 minutes to post, other times, an hour or so. Occasionally, creating a creative tip is the last thing I want to do.

  • The point is, I am so glad that I committed to posting each day, because it absolutely stretched me beyond my comfort zone. I had to dig deep, focus and be dedicated to my goal.
  • It helped me to be consistent and to continue learning about psychology and they way our minds work. I do research, rough drafts, interviews and plenty of reading to stay current in the CrossFit community.

The lesson is, if you set a goal and you want it badly enough, you are going to have to stretch yourself each day. It is always worth it when you realize that you are impacting and helping others.


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