Know Your Music


Listening to music can be a great source of energy and also a fantastic way to relax. Music can help improve your mood, focus and outlook. There have been countless studies that have shown a positive correlation between music and performance.

Try this

  • Jot down 5 songs that pump you up and give you energy – These songs make you feel ready to GO
  • Jot down 5 songs that relax you and calm you down – These songs help you unwind and reduce anxiety/stress
  • Jot down 5 songs that fill you with happiness and joy – These songs make you feel good

You can add to these categories and build different playlists that you can go to depending on what type of mood or energy you’re trying to achieve. Know what music works for you and use those songs to help you perform better.


Quote of The Day

“I use music alot. I think music is one of the greatest training tools. It always helps me get motivated and focused on my workouts. It also helps set the mood to which i’m trying to achieve.” Kenneth Leverich, Games Competitor 2013

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