You Know What To Do, But You’re Not Doing It

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“I know what to eat”

“I know I should follow that program”

“I know that I need to practice that more”

“Yea, I know”

  • How often are you saying these things? You feel like you know what would work, but you haven’t committed yourself to taking action. As a coach, I hear these responses all the time when I suggest a particular training program or way of eating.
  • What is something that you know you want to do, but you haven’t tried yet? What could you change or improve this week? What have you been talking about doing, but you haven’t committed to?
  • The only way to really KNOW anything is to try it for at least 30 days. No excuses. Don’t alter the program or make changes, just commit to it.  Once you’ve tried and learned…then you can say you “know”, at least a little more.


Ready to commit to improving your mental game?

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