How To Get Results When You’re Struggling To Make Changes

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Want to drink more water, but can’t seem to get more than a couple of glasses in each day?

Want to improve your sleep patterns, but you struggle to get 5 hours each night?

Want to get to the box 5x a week, but barely make it twice?

Want to have more downtime? Want to eat cleaner?

There are two things that will really, really help you improve your habits.

1. Self-Awareness – Track the thing you want to change. Measure and diligently record that habit each time you do it. Do this for at least 14 days.

2. Accountability – Share your purpose and your tracking with others. Post your numbers and thoughts online (social media, start a blog), at your office, in your kitchen, at the box, etc.


If you really want change, and you haven’t been successful improving certain habits, try the suggestions in this post. Also, working with a coach will definitely help expedite the process!


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